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" The best surf camp in Peniche for longboarders " by Surfatlas

Calling all loggers, Peniche’s Ahoy Surf House has put together a tailored package for you and your 9-footer friend. It’s intended to be a quick in-and-out intensive that really helps you hone those stepovers and trimming skills. They’ll cater to just about any level, but we think the highly specialized nature of the package really lends itself to more advanced longboarders looking to progress into more technical areas of the sport.

The price – which is around just €200 per person – includes a night’s accommodation and long, one-on-one surf sessions backed up by professional video analysis. You’ll be staying about 5 minutes’ drive from Peniche’s logger-friendly Baleal beach in the town of Ferrel. We really like that. It’s quiet, more local, and all-round easygoing. The camp itself has a sunny garden with a pool and loads of social chill-out spaces.

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